How Virtual Design Consultations Work

Vanway Kitchen + Bath is pleased to introduce virtual design consultations for clients who live in BC’s interior or north, but aren’t close to our showrooms in Prince George or Terrace.  If you’re within our service area, we can likely design, build, and install a kitchen for you, without requiring you to travel to our showroom.

Step 1: Tell Us About Your Current Kitchen

The first step in a virtual design consultation is to help your designer understand what your current space looks like.  You can do this by taking “before” photos of your current kitchen from multiple angles.  This will help them see your current layout as well as any quirks of construction that may be present in your home.

Next, you can help your designer understand your current space by taking some simple kitchen measurements.  By sketching your basic layout as well as including measurements of your walls and ceiling, you’ll provide your designer with what they need to start creating your new kitchen design.

Step 2: Tell Us About Your Dream Kitchen

The second step is to help your designer understand what your dream kitchen includes.  You can do this by completing a questionnaire that your designer will send you by email.  It helps uncover the ways you use your kitchen so your future design is tailored to your actual activities.

Next, you can help your designer understand your style preferences by sharing your favourite inspiration photos!  Visit our inspiration gallery to view real photos of real kitchens installed in homes across northern BC.  Save photos that you find on Pinterest or other websites, too. 

Step 3: Meet Your Designer Via Video Call

Now that your designer has a basic understanding of your current kitchen space as well as your future dreams and plans, it’s time for the virtual design consultation to take place!  Your designer will send you an online meeting link so you can join a video call.

Together, you’ll discuss ideas for your new kitchen layout.  You can narrow down design choices for doors, countertops, and hardware.  You can explain what your budget is, what features are must-haves, and ways you’d like to save.  Your designer will take notes on all your preferences, then begin crafting a custom design just for you.

Step 4: Let Your Dream Become Reality

Once your designer has completed your kitchen drawings and price quote, they’ll be in touch.  At this point, you can discuss any necessary changes and the designer will re-draw your plans as re-quote your design as needed. 

Once you are satisfied with your kitchen design you can provide a deposit.  We’ll dispatch a measure technician to your home to get accurate measurements, begin building your kitchen according to plan, and then install it in your home with the help of our highly trained installation team.  Your dream kitchen will be complete!

Request A Virtual Consultation

If you’re looking for a full kitchen renovation (cabinets and countertops) and are more than an hour outside of one of our existing showrooms, please get in touch for a virtual design consultation!