Quartz Remnants On Sale

Save when you shop our collection of quartz remnants!  It’s been years since we’ve offered a discount this deep.  All quartz remnant styles, brands, and patterns are available for $75 / sq ft installed or $50 / sq ft if you prefer to measure and install the countertop yourself.

$75 / sq ft

  • Choose any brand or style.  First come, first served
  •  We’ll come to your home to measure your space
  • Includes sink cutout, polish, and edge profile
  • We’ll deliver and install your quartz countertop

We Measure & We Install

$50 / sq ft

  • Choose any brand or style.  First come, first served
  • We’ll work off measurements you provide
  • Includes sink cutout, polish, and edge profile
  • You pick up and install your own quartz countertop

You Measure & You Install

Tell Us What Size & Colour Countertop You Want

We have a limited selection of quartz offcuts on hand and they’re all sold on a first come, first served basis. We recommend booking a time to visit our showroom as soon as possible. 

  • Start by booking an appointment to visit our showroom
  • Bring info on the approximate size piece you need
  • We’ll check our inventory and let you know options that fit
  • Most pieces are too small for a full kitchen, but great for smaller projects
  • Book us to measure and install, or do it yourself and save more!

We'll Respond Promptly

Quartz Remnants Are Perfect For Smaller Projects

Choose the perfect piece of quartz for your bathroom vanity, laundry room counter, shower seat, home office desk, reception counter, or other renovation project.  We also have some pieces large enough for a small kitchen, such as one in a suite or apartment.

Quartz That Looks Like Marble

Marble is a poor choice for countertops because it stains so easily.  With engineered quartz. you can get the look of a beautiful marble countertop with better stain resistance and durability.  We’ve highlighted some of our favourite marble-look quartz countertops below.  Choose your favourite pattern with the size, colour, and shape of veins you prefer.  We’ll cut it to size, include a sink cutout, and shape the edges as per your preference.

Quartz That Looks Like Granite

Granite used to be the most popular option for stone countertops, but the slabs come in a limited range of colours and can crack.  With engineered quartz, you can get the look of natural polished granite with an expanded range of colours and patterns.  We’ve highlighted some of our favourite granite look-alike countertops below.  They’ll make a stunning upgrade for your bathroom vanity.

See More Quartz Options Available

All our quartz remnants are sold on a first come, first served basis.  Make an appointment as soon as possible to visit our showroom and meet with a designer.  Bring in the details of approximately how large a piece of quartz you need, so we can search our inventory database and find the possibilities for you.  After that, you can decide whether you’d like us to install or whether you’d like to install it yourself.