Choose Your Stone

Whether you’re renovating a family home full of cherished memories or choosing countertop for your dream home, every project starts with a visit to our showroom.  Browse through our carefully curated samples of quartz and granite and take your time in selecting the right stone.

  • Bring a cabinet door to help you match samples
  • Learn about the pros and cons of quartz and granite
  • Talk to staff about what countertop styles are trending
Quartz vs Granite Countertops

Get Professionally Measured

Once you’ve selected your favourite sample, talk to the staff at our reception desk.  We will arrange an in-home appointment with an experienced technician who will prepare a set of professional measurements and drawings.  These measurements will then be used to generate an accurate quote.

  • Schedule an appointment for professional measurements
  • Receive an accurate final quote based on your requirements

Place Your Order

When you’re satisfied with your choice of stone and your final quote, you can place your order.  Simply call or email Vanway.  As part of our commitment to service, we keep your quote on file.  We’ll confirm your stone choice and measurements then begin working on your custom countertop immediately.

  • Call or email to let Vanway know you’re ready to begin
  • Confirm that the sample we have on file is still your choice

Locally Made

Vanway sources granite and quartz as directly as possible.  The stone is shipped directly to our facility in Prince George, where skilled craftsmen transform it from rough rock into a polished countertop.  The entire process, from the initial cut to the final polish, takes about 10 full business days.

  • Choose granite or quartz sourced from rugged quarries around the world
  • Expert craftsmen will transform your rock slab into a custom countertop

Get Installed

Once your custom stone countertop has passed our final quality checks, it’s ready for installation.  The staff at Vanway will contact you to arrange a convenient date.  Your countertop will arrive with a team of professional installers who will complete the job in one day.

  • Choose a convenient date for your installation
  • Know the installers will be finished by the end of the day
  • Expect that your kitchen or bathroom will be left as tidy as before

From start to finish, your beautiful new countertop can be installed in under a month.  Ready to start the process?  See where our Vanway+ showroom is located.