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First impressions matter.  What do your customers see when they walk into your retail establishment?  Create the ambience you need with our 100% customizable cabinetry and countertop solutions.  We’ll help you develop a custom design that meets your branding standards, then manufacture your project in such a way that meets your budget, then install your order on time to meet your schedule.

Since 1981, Vanway Kitchen + Bath has designed, built, and installed thousands of cabinets and countertops.  Our reputation for quality craftsmanship, durable products, and service you can count on is well established with contractors and businesses across western Canada.    If you’re in the early stages of building or renovating your retail business, showroom, or restaurant, we can help.   

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Still in the planning stages of building or renovating?  Now is the perfect time to get in touch with our team to discuss your needs.  Is you project already underway?  We can likely accommodate your schedule with our flexible manufacturing process.  Contact us today!