Our Accessories

Accessories are an essential part of an organized kitchen.  In fact, they’re one of the things people regret not spending more on when planning a new design!  Whether you’re looking for pantry cabinet pull-out shelving, lazy susans to help you make the most of corner cabinets, drawer inserts to keep your cutlery organized, we can help.  Stop by our showroom to tell us what you’re looking for or browse through our extensive catalogues of accessories.  Our experienced designers will help you make the most of your pantry cabinets, appliance garage, or deep corner cabinets.

Deciding which accessories and organizers to include in your kitchen depends on several factors, including your specific needs, preferences, available space, and budget.  Consider the factors below, and be sure to talk to your designer about what might work best for your budget during your initial consultation.  Need even more inspiration?  We’ve pulled together some beautiful pantry photos in an ideabook on Houzz.

  • Assess Your Needs: Consider how you use your kitchen. Do you cook frequently? Do you need space for entertaining? Are there specific cooking utensils or small appliances you use regularly? Identifying your needs will guide your decisions on which organizational features are most important.

  • Prioritize Functionality: Focus on features that will enhance the functionality of your kitchen. For example, if you regularly shop at Costco, prioritize storage solutions like a spacious pantry with sturdy roll-out shelves. If you entertain often, consider incorporating features that facilitate serving and hosting guests.

  • Budget Considerations: Determine your overall kitchen budget and share your priorities with your designer.  Some features, such as pull-out shelves or custom lazy susans, may require a higher investment but can significantly improve functionality.  Sometimes, your designer may be able to suggest alternatives that provide similar features at a more affordable price point.

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