Taking “Before” Pictures Of Your Kitchen

A kitchen renovation is one of the most involved home renovation projects you can attempt.  It can take months to complete – and at the end of the process, you deserve some good “before” and “after” pictures. 

Taking “before” photos is also helpful when meeting with your kitchen designer.  The right snapshots of your space can help them understand your current layout, the features you want to change, and any construction quirks they may need to work around.

Take Photos That Show The Whole Room

Start by taking several “before” photos that show the entire room, from floor to ceiling.  This provides an accurate idea of the layout of your current kitchen.  Be sure to take this photo from multiple angles.

Take Photos From All Entryways

Continue by taking photos from each of the entryways to your kitchen.  Try to take these photos from multiple angles to provide as much perspective as possible.  Again, you should be trying to take in the full view of the kitchen from floor to ceiling in these photos.

Take Photos With Sufficient Lighting

Finally, plan to take photos during the daytime when you will have as much natural light as possible.  Turn on the overhead lighting, too.  This will ensure your photos come out looking bright and detailed.

It’s as simple as that!  Bring your photos of your existing kitchen to your meeting with your designer.  The images will provide them with an accurate idea of your space and allow them to consider what layout changes might be needed in your new kitchen design. 

Save the photos after your initial design consultation is finished.  Everyone loves a good before and after photo!  You’ll appreciate sharing your kitchen makeover with friends and family once your renovation is complete.

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