Choosing Your Quartz Countertop

Move over, granite.  Quartz countertops are now the most popular stone for kitchen countertops!  But what exactly is quartz, and how do you choose the right one for your kitchen?  Read on to learn more about this material, why it works well in kitchens, and how to choose the perfect stone for your own project.

Quartz countertops are known as engineered quartz.  Ground quartz is combined with resins and polymers that form nearly indestructible bonds.  Because the quartz particles are blended with other materials, the colours and patterns can actually be customized to a certain extent.  That’s why you can buy quartz in such a wide range of colours, from pure white, to veined patterns, to vivid colours.

Most quartz countertops you’ll purchase come from several major suppliers: Cambria, Silestone, Irah Stone, and Vicostone, among others.  The primary difference between the quartz from each supplier isn’t the quantity of quartz included, but rather the availability and consistency of the colours and patterns.  Luxury brands like Cambria and Silestone will offer the most breathtaking patterns, while economical brands like Irah Stone may carry a more limited range.

Why Quartz Is So Popular

There’s no denying it – quartz countertops are beautiful.  Whether you’re choosing a glossy polished sheen or a modern matte finish, they’ll instantly become the focal point of your kitchen.  Here are a few other reasons why quartz is the most popular countertop option:

  • Durability.  Marble and granite countertops are porous, so they’re known to stain easily.  Quartz is a lower maintenance stone countertop.  Still, if you’re interested in white countertops, keep in mind that red foods like spaghetti sauce will need to be wiped up right away.

  • Style.  Unlike granite or laminate, quartz comes in an almost unlimited variety of styles.  Whether you’re looking for speckles, sparkles, marbling, veins, or solid colours, you’ll be able to find an option in quartz.  Because it’s easier to work with than other materials, you also have a variety of edge profiles to choose from, too.

  • Low Maintenance.  Granite countertops need to be sealed on a regular basis.  Butcher’s block countertops need to be sanded and oiled.  Quartz doesn’t need any special treatment – just remember to wipe up spills right away using dish soap and water.


Choosing Your Quartz Countertops

  • Colours.  Think about your cabinetry, wall colours, flooring, and backsplash.  If you can, bring samples to your design consultation so you can easily choose a quartz variety that matches nicely.

  • Seams.  If you have a stretch of countertop that’s longer than 10 feet, you will have a seam in your countertop.  Discuss this with your designer so they can help you choose a style and place the seam in a way that minimizes its appearance.

  • Budget.  Vanway Kitchen + Bath offers quartz in three price ranges.  The designer tier has the best selection of styles, while the contractor tier will offer a limited range of options at a more affordable price point.

We’ve analyzed data from local sales as well as reporting from manufacturers to identify some of the most popular styles and patterns of quartz countertops.  Any of these selections would be a wonderful choice for your kitchen or bathroom; they’ll transform your project from ordinary to amazing.  Browse through our recommendations below and click on a thumbnail to view a larger version of each quartz countertop sample.

The Next Steps

Once you have identified some quartz countertop styles that you like, it’s important to make sure they will match with your cabinets and the colours in your room.  Stop by our showroom to see your favourite samples in person and bring in samples of your cabinets, flooring, and paint colours, if possible.  One of our designers will be happy to discuss the quartz sample you have selected and suggest alternatives, if needed.

After you have settled on a brand and style, let your kitchen designer know.  They’ll arrange a time for one of our expert technicians to visit your home and measure the cabinets in order to create an accurate template for your new quartz countertop.  After that, your slab will be ordered, cut, and polished before being installed by our skilled in-house team.

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