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There’s something a beautifully designed bathroom vanity that makes your morning routine just a little bit better.  That might be why a recent CIBC poll showed that a full 39% of British Columbians were planning on renovating their bathroom this coming year.  If you’re in that number, start planning your project with some ideas from our bathroom vanity inspiration gallery. 

Your Bathroom Vanity: 3 Inspirational Trends

  • The Carrara Marble Look.  Genuine Carrara marble isn’t the best choice for a bathroom vanity countertop.  That’s because it’s extremely porous, which means it etches and stains easily.  But thanks to engineered quartz, you can have the exact marble look you want with none of the maintenance requirements.  Quartz that looks like marble is an extremely popular choice you’ll see in our bathroom inspiration gallery.  You can view some of our most popular quartz styles here.
  • Grey, Navy, and White Cabinets.  It’s hard to miss how popular grey has become over the past few years.  That trend doesn’t really show signs of stopping.  Grey and white bathroom vanities are an easy choice that provides a clean, classic look.  In contrast, navy is a colour that has grown in popularity over the last several months and we expect to see more of it in the future.
  • Farmhouse and Rustic Look Cabinets.  Farmhouse style bathroom vanities have been popular for some time now.  In general, they have a timeless look that ensure your investment in new cabinets will remain looking good for years in the future.  Rustic look cabinets are a new trend that are dramatically increasing in popularity.  The number of people searching for rustic look bathroom vanities has increased by 250% recently, so that’s a trend to keep an eye on.

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