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When planning a kitchen remodel, it’s important to think about your kitchen appliances.  Will you keep your existing kitchen appliances?  Will you replace some of them or all of them?  There’s no right answer to this question, but it does need some careful consideration.
That’s because your choice of kitchen appliances will impact your overall design. For example, let’s say you currently have a traditional range but want to upgrade to double wall ovens. Your designer will ensure your cabinetry accommodates the exact dimensions of your model.

The Facts On Fridges

A counter-depth fridge sits in line with your cabinets, allowing better traffic flow. Visit our gallery for more kitchen photos.
Gone are the days when your only decision was whether to get a side by side model or one with a freezer on top. Today, you’ll find hundreds of options online and in-store. Whether your priority is storage space, energy efficiency, or smart features is up to you! There are only a few factors that impact your kitchen design.
  • Width & Height. The majority of fridges range from 24″ to 36″ wide, although you may find some extra wide models up to 50″. Most options are 65″ to 85″ in height. Know the dimensions of the fridges you’re considering. This allows your designer to create a large enough opening for your new appliance.
  • Depth Of Design. A standard depth fridge will jut out from your countertop, sometimes by half a foot or more. A counter depth fridge provides a streamlined appearance along with a better traffic flow, particularly near entry-ways.  These fridges may be wider than usual so tell your designer if you’re thinking of this option.
  • Overlay Options.  Keep the spotlight on your beautiful wood cabinetry by opting for a refrigerator with an overlay panel. This custom option creates a streamlined appearance, allowing your fridge to look like a part of the cabinetry.
  • Potential Plumbing. A new fridge with a water and ice dispenser will likely require some minor plumbing work. This should be completed before your cabinets are installed. Let your designer know if you’re planning on making this upgrade.

A Range of Ranges

Wall ovens are ergonomically friendly and allow more people to cook at one time. Visit our gallery for more kitchen photos.
Convection ovens. Gas ranges. Steam ovens. Induction cooktops. Dual ovens. It takes some research to find the right choice for your family! Whether you’re a casual cook or an avid home baker, you’ll value different features or models. Luckily, there are just a few things to think about when planning your design.
  • Appliance Dimensions. Most electric stoves are 30″ wide, but you can find special models that are as small as 24″ or as large as 48″. Your designer will need to know your purchase details to create a space large enough for your range.


  • Gas vs Electric. Switching from electric to gas is important to many home chefs. This change will require a new gas hookup by a certified tradesperson. You’ll need to have this task finished before your cabinets are installed.


  • Wall Oven & Cooktop. A new wall oven may end up being the central feature of your kitchen design. They’re ergonomically friendly and come in widths ranging from 24″ to 48″. Talk to your designer about where your placement will be. They’ll tailor an opening that fits your exact model.

Microwave Matters

This microwave shelf frees up valuable counter space for food preparation. Visit our gallery for more kitchen photos.
In years gone by, microwaves always sat on the kitchen counter. That’s no longer the case. Today, home owners have multiple options for microwave placement. Your preference for a microwave range hood, a microwave drawer, or a microwave shelf is up to you! Here’s how each option impacts your design.
  • Microwave Range. A microwave range hood must be positioned a certain height above your stove. Let your designer know the model you plan to have installed. They will be able to position it accordingly.
  • Microwave Drawer. These models are built-in to base cabinets, often on the kitchen island. They’re easy to access and often a favourite feature! Talk to your designer if this is what you’d like. They’ll create the perfect space to fit your exact model.
  • Microwave Shelf. To free up valuable counter space, many home owners prefer a custom microwave shelf. Let your designer know the approximate size of your model. This ensures the nook will accommodate your appliance and have enough airflow, too

Are you located in Prince George?  We’ve found that you can shop for countertop-depth fridges at Home DepotBest Buy also has a collection of countertop-depth fridges.  For wall ovens, you may find a variety of options at both the above stores as well as wall ovens at Costco.

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