Kitchen Island Inspiration Gallery

The kitchen island is a multi-purpose area that provides additional storage, extra counter space, and convenient seating.  It can also be the stunning focal point of your new kitchen design.  Find out what trends affect kitchen island design and see photos of projects that were designed, built, and installed right throughout BC’s interior and northern regions.

Kitchen Island Trend: Drawers

The majority of kitchen islands feature drawers, drawers, and more drawers. This design choice is a little more expensive than going with cupboards, but the convenience is worth it. You’ll never have to bend down to crawl into the back corner of a cupboard ever again! Scroll through the gallery below to see full size images of several designs we’ve installed that feature plenty of drawers. You’ll notice that some also have space for microwaves, ovens, or fridges.

Kitchen Island Trend: Colour

Two-tone cabinetry is a big trend.  It’s where one colour of cabinets (usually white) is paired with another (blues and greens are most popular).  You’ll see this trend used where the island is often turned into a focal point by painting it a contrasting colour.  Scroll through the gallery below to view examples of this colourful trend.

Kitchen Island Trend: Seating

Even a small kitchen island can accommodate a few stools for meals on the go.  Raised countertops have been trendy for several years, but now completely flat quartz countertops are taking the lead as the preferred style.  See how these kitchen designs fit in a few spots for seating.   Click through the gallery below to see an assortment of seating arrangements.

Kitchen Island Trend: White Quartz

Quartz has now become the most popular type of countertop, and it’s not hard to see why.  A stunning expanse of polished white quartz countertops can really draw the eye to your island.  White quartz of all styles, including those with a slight marbled look, are the most sought-after at this point in time.  Click through the gallery below to see beautiful cabinets topped with white or light quartz countertops.

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