How To Measure Your Kitchen

If you have requested a virtual design consultation or you want a kitchen design and quote as soon as possible, you’ll need to provide Vanway Kitchen + Bath with basic measurements of your kitchen.  This allows your designer to review your space and prepare a preliminary drawing and quote for you. 

Once the kitchen layout has been completed to your liking and you’re ready to move forward with a deposit, we will send our measure technician to your home to complete a highly detailed measurement.  Your kitchen design plans and quote will be adjusted if there are any significant discrepancies.

Step 1: Sketch Your Space

Before you begin, it can be helpful to remove clutter from your kitchen countertops, especially items at the back of the counter.  Gather a measuring tape, graph paper, ruler, pencil, and eraser.

Sketch out a basic floor plan of your kitchen. It should include walls, doors, windows, appliances, and electrical outlets.  Don’t worry about it being exactly to scale!  You’ll add measurements in the next step.

Step 2: Add Measurements

You will be measuring three aspects of your kitchen: the walls, the ceiling height, and openings such as doors or windows.   Working clockwise, measure each wall in your kitchen.  Next, measure from the finished floor to the finished ceiling.

Working clockwise, measure the location, width, and height of all doors and windows.  If you have trim on your doors and windows, include that in your measurement. 

Step 3: Add Appliances

You will be measuring your appliances from the center of the appliance to the nearest wall, as well as their dimensions.  Place your measuring tape in the center of the appliance and measure to the nearest corner.  If you intend to keep this appliance, you should also measure the total width and height.

Share With Your Designer

If you’re doing a virtual design consultation, take a good quality photo of your sketch.  Email it to your designer.  If you’re meeting with your designer in our showroom, bring your sketch in along with photos of your kitchen.

Don’t worry about how precise your drawing or measurement is.  The information you have collected is sufficient to get started!  Before we begin crafting your kitchen, we’ll send an expert to your home to conduct a final measure.  This will ensure your custom kitchen fits your space to perfection.