Identifying Your Design Style

Every project designed at Vanway Kitchen + Bath is custom designed to suit your style, budget, and space. But while each kitchen has its own unique qualities, it’ll likely fall into one of three kitchen design styles: traditional, contemporary, or transitional Knowing the three most common styles can help you understand the differences between designs. This can help you narrow down your preferences when looking for inspiration online.  Browse for more ideas on our Houzz profile, using our selection of online ideabooks.

Traditional Kitchen Design Style

A traditional kitchen features solid wood doors with raised panels and detailed crown moulding.  Often, the wood itself is a feature of the kitchen and may be stained a rich colour to show it off to maximum effect.  Additional architectural details like pillars and corbels may be present. The kitchen below is an example of a traditional kitchen.  Made from cherry wood, it has raised panels and detailed moulding by the ceiling.  We’ve put together an album of additional traditional kitchens for you to see on Facebook, which you can view here.

Contemporary Kitchen Design Style

A contemporary kitchen features minimalist slab doors with a sleek, modern appearance.  Rather than relying on natural woods, they may use synthetic materials like laminates, glass, and metal.  The emphasis is on straight lines, geometric shapes, and bold accents.  Contemporary kitchens are most likely to feature bright colours and metallics. The kitchen below is an example of a contemporary kitchen.  The doors are slab doors and there is no moulding anywhere.  The minimalist handles are typical of contemporary kitchens, too.  For more ideas of various kitchen design styles, view our album of contemporary kitchens on Facebook.

Transitional Kitchen Design Style

A transitional project blends traditional and contemporary kitchen design styles together.  The cabinet doors typically have minimal moulding.  Our best-selling Shaker cabinets are an excellent example of this!  Crown moulding, if present, has simple clean lines.  The colour palette of a transitional kitchen is often neutral.  Most of the kitchens in our inspiration gallery are transitional kitchens, as this is the most popular style of kitchen. The kitchen below is an example of a transitional kitchen.  It has Shaker style doors and very plain moulding.  You can also see more transitional kitchens in our Facebook album.

More Kitchen Design Styles

Traditional, contemporary, and transitional are the primary kitchen design styles.  They can be further sub-divided into more specific styles.  Use the descriptions below to look for photos on Pinterest.  Build a board with your favourite photos and bring it to your design consultation!

  • Farmhouse. Inspired by rural farmhouses, these kitchens emphasize warmth and comfort. They typically feature open shelving, apron-front sinks, rustic wood elements, and a mix of vintage and modern accents. Neutral color schemes with pops of color are prevalent.
  • Industrial. Drawing inspiration from industrial spaces, industrial kitchens showcase raw materials like exposed brick, steel, and concrete. Open spaces, high ceilings, and a utilitarian aesthetic with features like metal appliances and pendant lighting define this style.
  • Cottage.  Cozy and charming, cottage-style kitchens often incorporate soft colors, beadboard paneling, and vintage-inspired elements. Open shelving, floral patterns, and a mix of finishes contribute to a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.
  • Nautical.  Influenced by coastal living, these kitchens often feature a palette of blues and whites, natural materials like wood and rattan, and maritime-inspired decor such as nautical lighting and accessories. Light and airy with a relaxed vibe, coastal kitchens bring the outdoors in.

  • Mediterranean.  Rich colors, ornate details, and warm textures define Mediterranean kitchens. Terra cotta tiles, wrought iron, and patterned tiles contribute to the Mediterranean aesthetic. Earthy tones, arches, and decorative elements are common.

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