Preparing For Your Design Consultation

A kitchen design consultation is an important first step in the process of planning your kitchen renovation. During a kitchen design consultation, you’ll work closely with our team to discuss your needs, preferences, and goals for the project. The consultation serves as an opportunity to gather information, exchange ideas, and lay the groundwork for creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen space.

If that sounds intimidating, never fear!  Every year, the experienced kitchen designers at Vanway Kitchen + Bath help hundreds of home owners come up with the perfect plan for their renovation. There are some things you can do to start your project off on the right foot – read on to see what the most prepared people do before they visit our showroom and talk to our kitchen designers!

Bring Photos That Inspire You

We know you’ve been spending hours on Pinterest, checking out kitchen designs, layouts, floor plans, and styles.  That’s great!  The more you know about what colours and features you like, the better you’ll be able to communicate that to your kitchen designer.  Save some of your favourite photos to your smartphone and bring them in to your design consultation.  A picture is truly worth a thousand words when you’re trying to communicate your style.  (Tip: we have more than 100 photos for you to view in our own online inspiration gallery!)

Our kitchen designers guide you through the renovation process
A Kitchen designer will ensure your material choices match.

Bring Floor & Paint Samples

If you’re renovating your entire kitchen or bathroom, you’ll need to match your new cabinets and countertops to something.  If you have already selected flooring or paint colours, bring those samples into the showroom.  Your kitchen designer will be able to use them to help you select the right shade of cabinetry or quartz to complete the design.

Bring Ideas & Must-Haves

If you’ve seen a kitchen or bathroom design that you absolutely love, print out some photos or save them to your smartphone and bring them along to your design appointment.  Sometimes, different words mean different things between people or manufacturers.  If you can show us what you’re looking for, then we can design a kitchen that has exactly what you want.  (Tip: get a head start by viewing our projects and ideabooks on Houzz!)

Bring Basic Measurements

Giving your designer an idea of the space they have to work with will ensure your kitchen is laid out properly.  Come to your design appointment prepared by measuring the walls in your kitchen.  If you have a kitchen island, we’ll need to know how long it is, too.  Remember to run your measuring tape along the wall, where the backsplash is, and not the front edge of the counter.  That will provide the most accurate assessment of your room size.  If you don’t feel confident measuring your kitchen, don’t worry.  We can send a technician to your home to take care of that for you.

What Your Kitchen Designer Will Cover

We cover a lot of ground during a kitchen design consultation.  Here are a few of the topics you can expect to discuss, depending on the scope of your kitchen renovation.  A large kitchen in a home you plan to stay in for years might require more planning than a basement suite kitchen in a home you’re planning to flip.

  • Your Needs & Preferences.  Your kitchen designer will ask questions to understand your specific requirements and functional needs.  This may involve discussions about cooking habits, storage preferences, lifestyle, and any specific challenges or desires related to the kitchen space.
  • Your Budget & Timelines.  Your kitchen designer will need to know your budget and timeline in order to create a kitchen that fits your needs.  A kitchen can be anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000.  Knowing your limit ensures your designer fits as much of your wishlist into the design as possible.
  • Your Style & Aesthetic.  Your kitchen designer will explore your style preference and aesthetic vision for your kitchen.  This may involve discussing color schemes, materials, design themes, and any inspirational images or examples you have in mind.
  • Your Space & Appliances.  Your kitchen designer will look at photos you’ve provide of your existing space, so they can determine whether your dream kitchen will work or whether adjustments will need to be made.  Kitchen design centers around your appliances. so discussing their size and placement is important, too.


After your design consultation, your designer will begin working on drawing up preliminary plans based on the information you’ve provided.  They’ll quote out the plan and invite you back to the showroom once that is complete, so you can discuss the design in person and point out what you’d like to change.  Revisions are offered free of charge so you’re encouraged to work with your designer until your kitchen design is exactly what you’ve dreamed of!

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